Stevie Manley: "I am prepared to move onto the Jaguars"

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Q: What exactly are your ideas regarding your comments yesterday?


A: I'm good by using it. I'm prepared to start the following team which may be the The city of jacksonville Jaguars.


Q: It had been interpreted that you simply were questioning Coach Gailey?¡¥s play calling ability. Was that the intent?


A: The intent was much more audible. I didn't mean altering play calling responsibilities and every one of that. I might have stated it, but what i'm saying to state was audible. Giving (Ryan Fitzpatrick) the opportunity to audible a bit more.


Q: QB Ryan Fitzpatrick claims he's lots of space within the offense to achieve that kind of factor. Would you disagree with this?


A: I wouldn't understand what the conversation they're getting. I stated things i stated and just what wound up being released was me speaking about play calling. It had been really about audible.


Q: A part of your comment also appears a bit tempo based and that we haven't seen you apply the no-huddle a great deal when you're sputtering just a little bit?awhich was the situation yesterday.


A: Yeah. My problem isn't even no-huddle. It's not even that deep. After I even tell make audibles, that's not really simply to toss the ball. Despite runs. When you're back there the thing is exactly what the defenders do and every one of that. Maybe we check it right into a draw play for C.J. (Spiller) or more. That's the foundation from it. It wasn't even embracing no-huddle or perform the two-minute drill. It wasn't even that deep. It had been simply making an audible.

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